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ISO 25600


I never use Photobooth. But my computer is full and as I was going through and deleting things I found these gems. I think I took them on a flight from Ambon to Surabaya in Indonesia.

Dad, asleep, in his hat, which he had embroidered with “Indonesia” at the Bogor train station.

Twenty _____

Well… I have a birthday coming up (I think the 7 people that read this probably knew that). I know what you’re asking yourselves, “What do I get the guy who has everything?”

While I do have most things that a man in my position needs (wants), I don’t have it all.  Here’s a guide to what to get the guy who has 98% of everything.

2012 TU250X

 I know I’ll want a ride this summer but I like not driving everywhere all of the time.  I need something that encourages the occasional walk or ride on Trimet. I looked into the Smart Car only to find that they are $12,000+. Can’t you all just see me on this modest hog, cruisin’ the open roads? (±$4,000)

Nikon D800 

The next step in my photography. 1080p video, 36mp, crazy ISO’s, etc… If I could afford this, I would buy it without hesitation. It would get me back on digital (myD80 just cant match the resolution of film). Someday this will be mine… (±$3,000)

Just look at little baby Kibby…

Ok, so all of that being said, I realize that (outside of my dreams) neither of these will likely be mine come May Day and that’s just fine.

But a boy can dream…

Fortress of Solitude

These were done for school. Probably the least proud I’ve been of a school photography project.

On that note…

I went up to The Bay House last weekend.  It was beautiful.  The weather was terrible for the entirety of I-5; but as soon as I turned off, the skies opened and blue peeked through.  That blue lasted most of my stay.  I hope to go back soon.

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Dear 5 people who read my blog,

For the past two or three years I have been using this blog to share the things I make that I feel are worth sharing.  I have this WordPress blog, a tumblr, facebook, instagram, and flickr.  It’s all a bit much.

I realized yesterday that all of these sharing mediums have great aspects that the others don’t.  Flickr is pure photo sharing.  Instagram is, ideally, instantaneous and insightful.  Facebook has the numbers, it’s the one site that everyone is on. Tumblr is clean, easy, straightforward and has its own community.  Wordpress is, in my opinion, the best format for a true online journal.

I haven’t put photographs on facebook with any regularity for a few years now. Occasionally (like my trips to Indonesia) I will, but it is rare.  I don’t like all of the random people I am friends with on facebook being able to see this thing that I take pretty seriously.  In other words, if someone wants to view my images I don’t feel bad making them do a little work to get there. Also, facebook compresses files and they look like crap.

I have had a flickr for years but rarely used it until I started the GD program at Portland State.  Often a class will set up a flickr group to share work easily online.  I could go on and on about every amazing aspect of flickr, but I won’t.  I’ll just say that flickr is awesome. Easily the best photo sharing site on the internet.

So, what exactly am I going on about all of this for? I’m changing the way I share my photos.  I’m not getting rid of anything I have, I am just fine tuning how I use them.  Here is a guide:

facebook: I’m not changing how I use facebook.

flickr: Here’s the big one.  I am now using flickr to share all of my photos.

wordpress: This is no longer my primary sharing platform. I will still use this blog to share things I make, but in a different way. Stay tuned…

tumblr:  You all might not have known that I even have a tumblr. I’m not changing how I use 5×2. To me, it is a place to share my favorite photography and design work. It’s like a portfolio, but it’s not a portfolio.

Some Recent Things:

Also… I am obsessed with film and my Nikon F100.

More 2nd Story…

More photos of the delicious and highly recommended 2nd Story.

Shot with a Mamiya c33

Seeing Photographically

An excerpt from The Complete Photographer, Vol. 9, No. 49, Edward Weston,1943

“…to consult rules of composition before making a picture is a little like consulting the law of gravitation before going for a walk. Such rules and laws are deduced from the accomplished fact; they are products of reflection and after-examination, and are in no way part of the creative impetus.  When subject matter is forced to fit into preconceived patterns, there can be no freshness of vision.  Following rules of composition can only lead to a tedius repitition of pictorial cliches.”

So… F you, rule of thirds.